L1 Visa

L1 visa is a non-immigration visa to transfer an employee in a manager/executive or special knowledge staff company to work in the United States for his/her employer who has offices in home and the United States. The family members of L1 visa holder can go along with him/her to USA.

General requirements

Qualifying organization

● The business has been executed at least for two years.

● The registered capital is above RMB3 million and the operation status is in good condition with the annual sales amount more than RMB 8 million.

● More than 40 formal employees

● Enough operation fund and capable to set up and support the regular operation of its branch based in US; the registered capital of its branch is at least USD 50,000 which is controlled by the applicant)

Qualifying individual as transferee

● The individual must have been employed in a qualifying company abroad in a managerial, executive capacity, or as a person with specialized knowledge, for at least one year within the past three years.

● The individual must meet the statutory requirements on managers, executives and professionals

L1 visa advantages

● No requirement on the investment amount and the registered capital can be controlled by the applicant

● Available to investors either alone or coming with their family members

● The spouse of the L1 visa holder can get employment authorization to work freely in the US and their children can get free basic education

● The L1 visa holder can apply for green card one year later

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